Fostering equitable access to good, clean, fair food

What is
Slow Food?


Our Mission

We have a short growing season in Minnesota. Despite the limitations of climate, more farmers in our community are offering sustainably produced local foods. It’s our mission to promote healthy farm ecosystems, awareness of the circular food economy, and our ability to support local organizations doing meaningful work in the food equity space.

We’re here to provide you with opportunities to volunteer your time, connect with like-minded individuals, and donate to make an impact and change our food system so that it works for everyone.


"Slow Food unites the pleasure of food with responsibility, sustainability, and harmony with nature."

— Carlo Petrini, Founder Slow Food International


The Slow Food movement began in 1986, when the people of Italy protested against the first McDonald's in Rome. It can be most succinctly described as the opposite of fast food, but it encompasses so much more. The joy of growing, cooking, eating, and sharing food with the responsibility to produce it in harmony with nature and humanity.

We are a chapter in an international Slow Food movement, with organizations on every continent, all working to foster good, clean, fair food for all. We have been working to advance Slow Food in Minnesota since 1999. We hope you'll join us in making the food system work better for everyone in our community.