Fostering equitable access to good, clean, fair food

Our Mission:

Fostering equitable access to good, clean, fair food

for farmers, for consumers, and for everyone in-between.



What is Slow Food?

Our members are farmers, home cooks, brewers, vintners, chefs, producers, legislators, grocers, nutritionists, students, bakers and eaters—united in our support for good, clean, fair food.

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Let’s Get Together


Upcoming Events


Attend events for Slow-Food-aligned organizations and support more equitable food systems in Minnesota.


From advocacy and event planning to social media and administrative tasks, you can make an impact.


We are a non-profit, volunteer-run organization. Donations are a vital way to make a difference.


What We’re Up To

We're building up the strength of Slow Food MN, and we need people like you to help. We're developing a communication network, working to promote a holistic approach to farming and eating, and building programs to support the mission of fostering equitable access to good, clean, fair food.


vibrant & Diverse food traditions

Minnesota is a unique, vibrant community of diverse cultures. We're committed to highlighting food traditions, connecting individuals across cultural divides and unifying our community around the fight for good, clean, fair food for all.

opportunities to buy, make, and access local food

The more accessible good, clean, fair food  becomes, the easier it is for our community to have a holistic approach to the food we eat. We're working with growers, suppliers, and consumers to find innovative ways to improve accessibility.

sustainable farming & Healthy Farm EcoSystems

Access to good, clean, fair food in Minnesota starts with supporting the farmers that grow this food. We're connecting farmers to resources, helping them succeed, and raising consumer awareness for issues affecting local farms.

inspire and motivate the community to get involved

Growth and awareness comes from being present and involved, and by making a positive impact on our community. We are reaching out, constantly building our team, and working together to build a better food system.


Slow Food unites the pleasure of food with responsibility, sustainability, and harmony with nature.

Carlo Petrini / Founder, Slow Food International